All-in, flexible, conduct your business at a prime location

Workspaces fully furnished with brand new furniture

Plug & Play from EUR 320 per month

Workspaces at OFFICEZ STRAMANHOUSE are stylishly furnished with new design furniture. The light and airy rooms overlook the district and the lush green surroundings. And – something worth mentioning when dealing with modern buildings – you can still open the window for some fresh air. OFFICEZ STRAMANHOUSE features rooms for two, four or six persons, but that is just what came to mind when we designed the workspaces. In the end, you’re the one who has the say-so. The layout is completely adaptable to your wishes and ambitions.

OFFICEZ STRAMANHOUSE offers the following facilities

  1. Cosy pantry and bar. Our pantry is a kitchen with a cosy bar, fully equipped from kitchen knives to peanut bowls. Can you just see yourself enjoying a nice lunch or Friday after-work drink?
  2. Fibre optic internet / WiFi. Free fibre optic internet / WiFi in all workspaces.
  3. Stylish but not old-fashioned. The newest design desks, chairs, lighting and upholstery.
  4. Style and quality. All rooms have an informal seating area in addition to desks.
  5. Coffee! Not a minor detail, but a rather crucial one: good coffee. No hassle involving drip trays or refilling: our cleaning staff guarantee that the coffee machine works flawlessly.








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