OFFICEZ THE GARDEN, has everything going for it

Opting for Amstelveen was never easier

The Garden is located close to the municipal gardens on the outskirts of Stadshart Amstelveen: a modern business complex consisting of four buildings named Oak, Birch, Maple and Elm, enclosing an attractive garden. OFFICEZ THE GARDEN is situated in the Elm building. Sufficient parking space is available nearby, first-class accessibility by both car and public transport. You won’t find a better location!

This prime location is within reach for every entrepreneur. From start-up to established business: our flexible concept offers fully serviced, completely furnished workspaces available for every business aiming to get ahead. Thanks to OFFICEZ THE GARDEN, opting for Amstelveen, strategically located between the business district and Schiphol Airport, was never easier.


  • Working in the very heart of the Randstad area, easily accessible by both car and public transport.
  • Perfect starting point for internationally operating businesses in the country’s economic heart, in the direct vicinity of Schiphol Airport.
  • Excellent facilities nearby, including shops, museums, restaurants, and hotels.
  • Ultrafast fibre optic internet.
  • Enclosed garden with tables and seating areas for lunch or meetings.
  • Landlines (Voip) optional.
  • Plug in and get to work in an office fully furnished with new, elegant furniture.

Economic epicentre in the Randstad area

One business after another has settled down in Amstelveen, following the example set by KPMG, KLM, Nestlé and Ford Nederland (the latter two in The Garden itself). The former dormitory town has become the economic hotspot of the Randstad area, and The Garden is located at the very heart of that hotspot.

The Beneluxbaan is the town’s main North-South artery. Subway, trams and buses connect Amstelveen with the centre of Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, the Zuidas business district, the RAI Convention Centre and the WTC. And the A10 motorway brings you and your car wherever you wish to go. But why would you? It’s all happening in Amstelveen!

Your office grows as required

Once you have settled into OFFICEZ THE GARDEN you won’t have to worry about your office space any longer, allowing you to concentrate on things that really matter. Do you need extra space? Don’t worry, OFFICEZ will grow along. And you can leave just as quickly as you came, your rental contract is cancellable per month. OFFICEZ’s philosophy is, that flexibility is a key condition for success.


  1. Top location. Leading businesses gave the example. The Garden is a top location where you can welcome your clients in style.
  2. Easy access. Just a few minutes’ drive to the A9, A10, A2 and A4, with sufficient parking space nearby, and buses, trams and subway just outside the building. A walk through the green area of the Stadstuinen brings you to the Stadshart, which boasts over 200 stores.
  3. All-in and flexible. He who has faith in his business concept doesn’t need to bind his clients. Rental contracts at OFFICEZ are cancellable per month. No fines or small print: a relaxed way to conduct your business.
  4. Class and luxury. Conduct your business in style in fully furnished luxury workspaces and conference rooms. Beautifully designed public spaces and a reception desk that is manned around the clock.
  5. Meet and network. Network with other inspiring entrepreneurs in the building and discover how you can inspire one another.
  6. Meetings in a green setting. The tastefully appointed garden is a popular location for lunch, a short meeting, or for bringing your laptop to update your email in the sunshine.









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